Appraisals and Assessment

Bridging The Gap – On Line Tutorial – Part Six

One of the major benefits of using e-learning to improve your employees skills is the ability to allow them to learn at their own pace and where and when they feel appropriate and at the same time allow you to monitor their progress centrally.  The majority of e-learning courses and all those that we supply generate statistics.

Below is an example;


This table can then be downloaded into excel for you to aggregate and manipulate the data.  This information can be used to give you a picture of the learning habits of your staff as well as providing the information you need to provide a course completion certificate.

This can be used in conjunction with the course orders to match usage with billing.  Keeping control of the finances and costs of the training will be important to prove to all interested parties, finance director etc. that you are both within budget and have met your return on investment targets.

Tracking your learner’s progress can help with their overall performance reviews, To monitor and assess how your employees are performing, it’s useful to set out clear objectives, ideally with quantifiable performance targets, so your employees understand what you expect of them.

Before they started any of the e-learning courses you should have spent time defining performance targets.  This could help you to:

  1. ensure that every employee’s contribution fits into the overall aims of the business
  2. help employees better understand their roles within the business and how their training will help meet the business strategies
  3. help employees feel valued
  4. create standards to measure the quantity and quality of employees’ work
  5. monitor the success of the business and match this with the training success
  6. identify ways to make the business run more efficiently
  7. identify ways to expand the business


An effective appraisal will help you to assess your staff against the defined objectives set at the start of the elearning strategy. It gives you the chance to give constructive feedback and to praise staff for their good work, which in turn will make them feel valued. It also offers the opportunity to:

  • address any problems
  • discuss apparent weaknesses
  • find solutions
  • agree the next steps in the employees development and define the next training opportunities.