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These courses are self paced and are particularly suitable for people who already have an active and busy lifestyle. As these courses are permanently available on this web site, many people find it convenient as the course can be accessed from anywhere. The subjects in these courses are covered using step though slide presentations and images. If you are relatively new to the IT industry and don’t have any or much experience, then you should follow the lessons in the order they are sent to you. These lessons are in-depth in nature covering the course curriculum from the basics and give you the advantage of being grouped into modules making sure you have understood the lessons with the use of quizzes before moving on to the next topic. The lessons offered on allow you to decide how much time you needs to spend on a particular area, assuring that you spend enough time on areas of weakness and not too much time on areas of proficiency. This web based training makes you feel in control as web site provides a non-threatening and non-judgemental learning environment. This training is an effective learning option for the adults who are required to attain additional training for employment purposes and may feel uncomfortable in the atmosphere of traditional classroom training.

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I want to thank you a lot for what you are doing. Since the first time I had contact with computers I’ve never felt I can have enough of them. This course has really develop my interests and career. – James.

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