Sage Bookkeeping

The official online Sage Bookkeeping courses offer you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and time, anywhere in the world. Study at home or at work, you can access the online Sage Bookkeeping courses on any computer that has internet access. The Sage Bookkeeping courses come complete with a simulation of the Sage Accounts software, allowing you to practice new skills in an authentic environment.

Online Sage Bookkeeping courses are ideal if you have little to no experience with using accounts and would like to develop your bookkeeping skills.

Sage 50 Accounts

The online Sage 50 training course is ideal if you have little experience with using the Sage software and require the skills to be competent whilst using it in your daily routine. The Sage 50 course covers Stage 1 and has eight sessions.

Session 1: Navigation and settings
Learn basic configuration, account coding structures and the layout of accounts.

Session 2: Nominal Ledger and Chart of Accounts
Gain an overview of the three integrated ledger systems – Nominal, Sales and Purchases.

Session 3: Entering opening balances
Understand the choice of methods and implications for standard VAT and VAT cash accounting.

Session 4: Recording nominal, customer and supplier transactions
Learn how to record product and service invoices and credit notes.

Session 5: Housekeeping
Understand how and why to backup and restore data, and also how to validate data.

Session 6: Error corrections
Learn the key routines for correcting posting errors and reversing transactions.

Session 7: Bank reconciliation
Discover how to reconcile your bank account in Sage 50 Accounts against your bank statement.

Session 8: Access rights
Learn how to set up new user access, customise your access and test it.

Sage Instant Accounts

The online Sage Accounts course helps you develop the knowledge and skills required to work with Sage Instant Accounts, from the installation of the software to the daily functionality. The Sage Accounts course has four sessions:

Session 1: Configuring Sage Instant Accounts
In this session you will learn how to install the software, understand how to set up your company data, and how to enter opening balances before starting to enter accounting data.

Session 2: Operating Sage Instant Accounts
The second session covers a range of operational topics from entering transactions and creating invoices, through to backup and correcting your data.

Session 3: Reconciling Sage Instant Accounts
In session three you learn how to get your customers to pay on time and how to check your bank statement with the transaction you have
made in the Sage Instant Accounts software.

Session 4: Period End Routines
In the final session you develop the skills to run some of the more important routines, such as producing and printing VAT returns and what to do at a period end.

Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1

Online Sage Bookkeeping courses are ideal if you have little to no experience with using accounts and would like to develop your bookkeeping skills.
The Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1 course teaches you the basics of double-entry bookkeeping. There are seven sessions in total:

Session 1: Basic bookkeeping skills

Session 2: Introducing double-entry bookkeeping

Session 3: The Trial Balance report

Session 4: Working with your customers

Session 5: Working with your supplier

Session 6: Understanding VAT and the VAT return

Session 7: Essential Management Reports

Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2

The Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2 outlines more advanced bookkeeping techniques. Sage recommends that you complete Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1 prior to taking this course. There are six sessions:
Session 1: The fundamentals

Session 2: Working with prepayments and accruals

Session 3: Accounting for depreciation

Session 4: Accounting for write-offs

Session 5: Reconciling your bank account

Session 6: Applying performance measures