Document Management Features

Here is a description of the features you would expect to find in an Electronic Document Management Software System

1) User Interface

Personal Workspace – Allows users to check status of document being edited, checked out for revision or reviewed. Assists users in tracking work progress.
Personal Information – Provides personalization mechanism including bulletin board, my favourite, my subscription, and document popularity ranking , for quick access to information needed.
Homepage – Enables users to set their most frequent page as the homepage of their document management centre.
Fast File Access – One single click on the icon on document list for fast and easy download of file. For more information see The Information Portal

2) Comprehensive Document Lifecycle Management

Complete Document Management – Provides functions such as creating, revising, and invalidating to manage the life cycle of documents.
Document Type – Offers settings such as, attachment encryption, limitation on file size, style of PDF watermark, uploadable file extension and rules of document encoding.
Check-in/Check-out – To ensure document version consistency, edit of document is controlled by check-in/check-out mechanism. Other users can read and download the current version without interrupting the ongoing editing process.
Document Expiry Management – Document expiry date can be applied ensure that data is kept current.
Obsolete Document Control – Obsolete documents are collected automatically to “Obsolete Documents” space for administrator’s action of deletion or validation.

3) Integrated Document Control and Organization

Complete Audit Record – Activity logging, revision history and approving records along with all versions of each document are stored in the system for later review.
Instant Comment/Feedback – Staff may share ideas and submit feed back on the articles for knowledge sharing and enhance communication with the corporate.
User-defined Document Serial Number – Document serial number can be customized.

4) All-around Search Engine

Comprehensive Search Options – Search can be carried out in certain area or folder using file name, foldername, author, keyword, etc.
Category Search – Different categories of document have different layout. Search can be conducted in customized columns. Search result can also be shown in customized format.
Boolean Expression – Advanced search function supports Boolean expression in file name and file description column for more precise search.

5) Versatile Approval Workflow

Flexible Process – Company may define unlimited number of present or advanced process to fit each folder’s need. Administrative users can also determine which folder to under go approval workflow process before publishing and which documents at different level to undergo different processes.
Smart Permission Mode – Easy setting to quick process definition, providing authorization function to to specific level, serial sign, co-sign, jump sign, in response to the dynamic nature of ISO process. Process can be reviewed by staff determined based on number of management level, group and role within the company. Company restructure and staff resignation don’t affect existing process.
Fast Process Statistics – Quick approval statistic reports based on expiration date or review process type. Each department may collect data, based on different conditions, on process quantity, cosign amount and total time spent on each process.
Security Control – During the process of approving, files attached can be viewed in original file or converted PDF file stamped with predefined watermark according to user’s role.

6) Stringent Access Control List

Permission Inheritance – Files and subfolders can inherit permission form their parent folder as well as “Add” or “Replace” the existing permissions.
Multi-layer ACL – Users differing in roles have different access rights and control of folder, documents and attachments. Roles can be assigned based on department, position or group. Meanwhile, multiple roles can be assigned to one person.
Fast ACL Adjustment – From parent folder, sub-folders, to individual documents, this function allows user to readjust ACL of hundreds or thousands of documents at once.
Integrated Documents Security Mechanism – Integrating with document security software to prohibit “print”, “save as”, “print screen” and “browse offline” of attachment.
Dynamic PDF Watermark Template – User may customize unlimited number of watermark templates. Different templates can be applied on different document types, including documents being approved or being downloaded externally. Watermark template can be set as header, center-page or footnote, with choices of styles, fonts, color, rotation, angle and alignment. Contents of watermark may include document type, user information, IP and more than 50 other different types of information.

7) Instant Notification and Statistic Report

Message Subscription – Consists of personal and system subscription. System subscription is controlled by administrator. When changes occur in the subscribed folder or documents, the system automatically initiates an e-mail notification contains the document link to the users.
Modification Track List – List of modified (posted and deleted) documents is posted on bulletin board. Users may have quick access to the document through the click on the link.
User’s Activity Logging – May be searched based on user or on document usage. System logs are completed with user’s activities of document usage based on time period, staff, IP, document download, view or application, etc.
Self-check mechanism – Administrator can search documents by the conditions of unemployed staff, non-exist files and so on to generate the statistics of problematic documents.