Electronic Document Management

Through the Information Portal, your employees should have the ability to see and read shared documents. The Document Management component has to to manage the entire document life cycle, from creation, through publishing, expiry to deletion.

The Document management functionality can be divided into three main areas:
Document Processing;

  • Document Editing
  • Document Modification
  • Document Validation/invalidation
  • Document Distribution
  • Privilege Setting
  • Examination and Countersigning

Document Management;

  • Privilege Definition and Management
  • Document Category Management
  • Document Version Control
  • Document Browsing
  • Document Statistics and Analysis

User Services;

  • Document Searching
  • Document Subscription
  • Updating and Notification Services
  • Document Grading
  • Personalized Workspace
  • Favourites

As standard the Document Management software should have the following features that can be used by the end user.

1)    The ability to customise the way documents and files are displayed.
2)    Display and read documents, stored, managed and controlled centrally.
3)    Lists of documents that are popular with other members of their department.
4)    The Ability to discuss documents and files with other employees.