Harvard ManageMentor 10 (HMM10)

Today’s busy manager needs answers to everyday business challenges – fast. Harvard ManageMentor 10 (HMM10) is an easy, efficient way to put just enough information on key management topics at every manager’s fingertips.

With expert advice from world-renowned business leaders, your workforce will build a broad base of management skills. Tools, steps, and tips in HMM10 allow for immediate on-the-job application of proven business concepts.

HMM10 gives managers all the practical benefits of mentoring – but at the time and place needed most, right on the job. Interactive exercises encourage active participation and provide a safe environment to practice new skills and privately assess personal understanding of the concepts.

Video elements and audio downloads deepen immersion and strengthen retention. Personal Insights videos offer personal advice and anecdotes directly from the source — well-known industry leaders and business experts.

By purchasing this module, you will receive access to all 42 modules within the HMM10 product, including modules covering the following topics:
– Business Essentials
– Change
– Communications
– Finance
– Innovation
– Leadership
– Marketing
– Performance Management
– Personal Development
– Strategy
– Teams
– Workplace Issues
Each module within HMM10 is organized by the following sections:

1. Get Started: introduces the module
– Topic Map
– What Would You Do? A media-rich introduction to engage the learner
– 20 minute path through the module for a quicker, condensed experience

2. Learn: presents core concepts, exercises, and insights
– Key ideas, specific to each module

3. Practice: provides the opportunity to apply new skills in a safe environment
– Practice Scenarios
– Self Tests

4. Apply: offers practical tips and steps
– Downloadable tools, specific to each module

5. Explore Further: refers learners to more resources on the topic
– Relevant online articles
– References to additional programs and content
This course includes the following 42 modules:

Budgeting, Business Case Development, Business Plan Development, Career Management, Change Management, Coaching, Crisis Management, Customer Focus, Decision Making, Delegating, Developing Employees, Difficult Interactions, Dismissing An Employee, Diversity, Feedback Essentials, Finance Essentials, Goal Setting, Hiring, Innovation and Creativity, Innovation Implementation, Laying Off Employees, Leading and Motivating, Managing upward, Marketing Essentials, Meeting Management, Negotiating, New Manager Transitions, Performance Appraisal, Performance Measurement, Persuading Others, Presentation Skills, Process Improvement, Project Management, Retaining Employees, Strategic Thinking, Strategy Execution, Stress Management, Team Leadership, Team Management, Time Management, Virtual Teams, Writing Skills