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Using Workflow Software For Problem, Enquiry and Incident Tracking (Help Desk)

Using workflow software for Problem, Incident and Tracking System (Help Desk) helps organisations streamline their business while at the same time improve responsiveness to their customers, employees and other stakeholders.  It is easy to implement, easy to use and delivers real benefits in a simple and accessible way. All of its innovative features and modules have been designed to support management and their employees to do their jobs more easily and effectively.

PIETS is used to document and track any problem or issue reported that originates either internally (from staff members for example) or externally (customers partners etc.). It provides both the originator and  with a current and historical view of the problem status across the entire enterprise and allows each identified problem to be traceable through the  system in terms of resolution and outcome.

Benefits Of Using Workflow

The workflow software Problem, Incident and Enquiry Tracking System (PIETS) will enhance the company interacts with their customers and staff, whilst providing a streamlined and cost effective operating environment. Business Process Management can help drive this capability giving significant improvements in service together with providing cost savings at the same time.  Workflow software will meet the following business objectives that have been built into the workflow soft.

Efficient Scalability:
Workflow software has the flexibility and modular design that will ensure continuity of service to existing users while new departments are brought online.

Support Innovation with flexibility.
It is also designed to be used by all levels of staff as as directly by the customer or external body. A variety of different data entry methods are possible with this application. the flexibility to deliver customer focused services while ensuring predefined  standards are adhered to is one of the strengths of using workflow.

Speed of response.
Faster retrieval time for users. Workflow software includes deadline management and escalation.  Any process that exceeds the preferred completion time can be re-prioritized, re-assigned or escalated.  Notification of a deadline will be reported in real-time and also logged for later analysis.

Encourages cross-departmental cooperation and collaborative working.
Workflow software should be able to manage ad-hoc, collaborate style working where required and at the same time ensure that company policies and procedures are followed.

Getting the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time.
Moving information and data around the organisation in a timely, secure and reliable manner is a key benefit in using workflow software.  Within the System there an numerous different data types and sources, this data has to be consolidated and presented to the correct representative in a manner that suites them.