Workflow Software For Logistics

Workflow Software offers complete visibility of the supply chain from the sourcing and manufacturing of products through to the shipment, storage and delivery, as well as providing a platform for global communication, supplier performance management and real time decision making.

All the logistics processes are configurable to allow for customer specific variations in terminology, language, currency or business practices.
Workflow Software processes can be deployed independently of one another or plugged together allowing data to be transferred from one process to another. Data can also be captured from all the systems that are used throughout the multiple organisations in the Supply Chain, including manual and ad-hoc applications this is then presented in a process-centric view.

Delivery Module

The Workflow software can create processes for delivery management that are designed to manage goods in transit and on-quay.


The workflow software enables you to coordinate and collaborate with your buyers, merchandisers and technologists, as well as their agents or suppliers.

User Interface

A web based user portal allows you to have a secure interface for communication through which suppliers, buyers, merchandisers and Supply Chain Managers can exchange information and interact. This ensures that timely and informed decisions are made regarding the production and shipment of goods.

Order management

The workflow software provides you with a definitive version of all orders by managing their distribution, controlling all versions, and tracking any amendments.

Shipping Management

Workflow software manages the movement of goods from cargo booking or shipment request, through to arrival and customs clearance, and provides alerting and reporting to enable supply chain optimisation.

Document Management

The Document Management Module ensures that the correct documents are available to the correct people at the correct time thus avoiding any delays and bottlenecks in the Supply Chain. The module manages the despatch and receipt of documentation and provides a portal for the storage of scanned documents. Users are alerted to late documentation enabling action to be taken before a delay occurs.

Quality Control

Workflow software enables you to manage QC and compliance anywhere within your global supply chain.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management gives you and your business a structured approach to storing supplier details and recording audit and performance measurements. You will have real-time visibility of supplier exceptions during production, enabling you to make informed decisions that ensure availability of goods.