Photoshop CS4 Series

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is the leading digital image editing software. The Photoshop CS4 interface lets you work intuitively to design and manipulate images for print layouts, web publishing, multimedia, video, and photography. Photoshop CS4 is the perfect tool for establishing a workflow that can help you express creativity in visual form.

This series is for anyone who wants to learn about Adobe Photoshop CS4.

This course includes the following modules:

– Getting Started with Photoshop CS4
– Exploring the Workspace
– Using Adobe Bridge

Getting Started with Photoshop CS4 explains some of the hottest new features available in this version of Photoshop. This course steps you through creating a 3D postcard. The composition for the postcard will come from several different sources, allowing you to use some of the new cloning, masking, and adjustment features.

Exploring the Workspace familiarizes you with the features of Adobe Photoshop CS4 that allow you to customize the workspace as you see fit.

Using Adobe Bridge explains the use of Adobe Bridge in relation to the other CS4 applications and Adobe Photoshop. Bridge is a central hub that you can use to locate, organize, and browse the documents you need to create print, Web, video, and audio content

Getting Started with Photoshop CS4
– Compose an image
– Use the Mask panel
– Add graphics with the Clone tool
– Add an adjustment layer
– Add a text layer
– Make a 3D image

Exploring the Workspace
– Identify common tools on the Tools panel
– Zoom in and out of a document with the Zoom tool
– Rotate the image view of a document with the Rotate View tool
– Distinguish the differences between three available screen modes
– Access panels in the panel docking area with the Basic workspace
– Save a custom workspace

Using Adobe Bridge
– Navigate Adobe Bridge
– Create and work with folders in Adobe Bridge
– Create and locate metadata
– Add keywords to images
– Use Bridge to create a Web gallery
– Build a PDF contact sheet