Flash CS4 Series

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional is the leading software application for creating and delivering interaction. The advanced authoring environment of Flash CS4 provides a faster approach to animation. Flash CS4 lets you develop rich, stimulating, and informative content for digital, Web, and mobile platforms.

This series is for anyone who wants to learn about Adobe Flash CS4 Professional

This course covers the following topics:

– Getting Started with Flash CS4
– Using the Drawing Tools
– Working with Colors

Getting Started with Flash CS4 helps you quickly get up to speed with the tools and features of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

Using the Drawing Tools explains the use of the Flash Tools panel, which assists you in creating and manipulating artwork. This course also discusses various tools used to create lines and shapes on the Flash Stage.

Working with Colors explains how to work with colors, layers, and transformations in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.
Getting Started with Flash CS4
– Describe what the Flash program lets you do
– Create, save, and open Flash documents
– Use the Flash workspace and the Property Inspector
– Use panels and the Timeline
– Use the basic tools to create animations

Using the Drawing Tools
– Create artwork in both Merge Drawing and Object Drawing modes
– Draw and modify lines
– Create lines and curves between points
– Add, manipulate, and delete anchor points
– Convert mergeable shapes to drawing objects
– Use the primitive tools
– Add text to images in Flash

Using the Drawing Tools
– Create custom colors and gradient fills
– Distribute drawn objects to separate layers
– Lock layers and change their visibility
– Apply transformations to objects