Dreamweaver CS4 Series

Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS4 explores several of Dreamweaver’s important features. It also explains how the Web works and how Web browsers and HTML code function.

Setting Up a New Site explains the basic techniques you need to create a site. It also covers how to use and transfer files.

Adding Text and Images explains how to work with text, hyperlinks, lists, and images when designing Web pages.

Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS4
– Explain the purposes and key features of Dreamweaver
– Describe the functions of Web browsers and HTML
– Explain how tags and attributes function in HTML
– Work with images and colors in Dreamweaver
– Describe the HTML document structure
– Use the HTML tag hierarchy

Setting Up a New Site
– Create a site definition
– Create a page
– Define the properties of a page
– Describe the views available in Dreamweaver
– Describe how to use the Files panel
– Describe the options on the Files panel

Adding Text and Images
– Add text to your Web pages
– Preview pages in a Web browser
– Create hyperlinks
– Create ordered and unordered lists
– Add images and placeholders to your pages