Sales Skills

The course covers planning and prospecting, client needs and the sales cycle, through to closing and negotiating. It is a comprehensive course, and the ideal sales training for commercial, industrial and financial businesses.

The modules included in this course are also available separately.

This course includes the following modules:

Sales – Prospecting
The ability to source new business determines your success as a salesperson. You are as valuable as your last find: the last customer that turned the corner and became a client; the last negotiation that became a deal.
In sales terms, prospecting describes the effort it takes to locate the people who will benefit from the added value your product offers. This tutorial introduces tried and trusted techniques to sourcing and approaching potential customers.

– Identifying Potential Markets
– A Good Prospect
– Managing the Approach
Duration: 45 mins

Sales – Selling Value
There is a phrase known to salespeople everywhere: ‘People love to buy, they hate to feel sold’.
It is that fear of ‘being sold’ that tends to discourage even repel, prospective customers (prospects). This tutorial shows you how to avoid this perception by adopting a client perspective and, in particular, identifying and emphasizing customer value at all stages of the sales cycle.
But the skills you require to be really successful in sales go beyond the customer facing skills most people associate with selling. As we shall see, successful selling is about the management of a process that begins long before meeting a prospect and continues long after the sale is closed. Planning, as with all undertakings, is the key to successful selling.

– Value
– Communicating Value – The Value Spectrum
– Developing a Sales Plan
Duration: 60 mins

Sales – Building Rapport & Call Introduction
First impressions are vital. A positive first impression determines the relationship for the entire sales cycle while a negative impression can effectively terminate any prospect of business.
Your objective when you meet your prospect for the first time is to create an environment that facilitates open communication. Success is dependent on uncovering your prospect’s needs and this is only possible if he is willing to engage in a meaningful and open manner.
At the same time, you must help to create a positive perception of yourself and your company in the mind of the prospect. You can influence this perception by what you say as well as through your body language.
This tutorial will teach you the tips for success and the pitfalls you are likely to encounter at that critical first meeting.

– Building Rapport
– Call Introduction
Duration: 45 mins

Sales – Developing a Sales Solution
Imagine you went into a sales appointment and when the prospect described the product he needed, the description matched the product you were selling. You would be right to feel confident of making the sale. These prospects are already at the top of the needs escalator and are willing to seek a solution to their needs.
We know already that most prospects are unaware of their needs or cannot describe the solution they require and that it is the salesperson who activates dormant needs. Arguably the most important part of the sales cycle is to escalate active needs into a conceived solution that is biased toward your product or service.

– Needs Diagnosis for an Ideal Solution
– Effective Questioning
– Effective Listening
Duration: 45 mins

Sales – Selling the Benefits
The sales presentation positions your product or service as the solution that meets your prospect’s needs.When the prospect is close to a purchasing decision, a proposal may become necessary. This tutorial will help you to structure and deliver your presentation to the maximum effect, and follow up with a proposal that brings a deal closer to completion.

– Objective of the Presentation
– Presenting Effectively
– Proposals
Duration: 45 mins

Sales – Closing & Negotiating
– Respond to Objections
– Close the Sale
– Negotiate the Details
Duration: 45 mins

Sales – After the Sale
Having created a new client and developed a healthy relationship, it’s tempting to believe that you have reached the end of the sales process. As sales is a target driven business, it’s easy to make the mistake of focusing only on the close. Successful salespeople, however, recognize that the initial sale is the springboard to a completely new phase in the sales process.
Good customer care that develops your relationship with the client can result in new business opportunities: selling more of the same products and services as well as selling new ones.
This tutorial will show you how to build upon the initial sale by using effective after-sales tactics.
– From Customer to Client to Champion
– Building Relationships with Customers
– Dealing with Customer Complaints
Duration: 30 mins

Sales – Client Needs & the Sales Cycle
– What are needs?
– The sales cycle
Duration: 45 mins

In this course you will explore:

– Planning and prospecting your territory
– Understanding client needs and buyer behaviour
– Building rapport and creating the buyer’s ideal solution
– Selling the benefits of your products and services
– Creating and managing a sales cycle
– Closing and negotiating the deal
– Managing the client after the sale